Zazu should penetrate compounds areas(high density areas)


Hai guys, I think Zazu should really priotise going into compounds areas like or Peri urban areas so as to get a share of the bigger market of people, the system should be simplified so that even a person in Havana compound can use it, that’s the aprouch that most fintechs have taken e. G zoona, Airtel, Mtn money etc. They are more people in high density areas and they spend money on a daily basis due to they spending habit. Thank you


And alsi think Zazu should be something for everyone, fRom the word go, Everyone should feel like they can be part of, weather you live in kabulonga or you live in kanyama. Thats how Finca has managed to grow, through Smes in high density areas. Thank you


@Cmwansa I feel you have a valid point. That market penetration strategy has really worked out for a lot of companies. With Zazu’s sole mission to simplify and re-invent how Banking is done must be something attractive to all Zambians and Africa in general.


@Malama_Chileshe_Jr Indeed, thank you very much