Zanaco Mobile Banking


Has anyone used this? What’s your feedback?


Mobile banking for Zanaco is a great move but personally I feel that a banking app for them wasn’t a great strategy for this reason. 64% (est) of Zanaco Acc. Holders are Xapit users and majority are not smartphone users now as we all know xapit has a USSD code which gives you about 60% similar features as this banking app does. From 64 you less 100 meaning 26% are the savings, current Acc holders, etc. Now it obviously costs money to develop that app so unless Zanaco has a strategy to grow its current/savings Acc base then and only then would this be a great success.


@Chester, some great stats there. Is the app entirely smartphone or USSD compatible too?


Entirely smartphone compatible…


I have used the app it is more convient than the ussd and very easy to use as the app has a menu which is easy to use.@chester you will be amazed at how many xapit account holders have smart phones. The app is designed for all account holders.


@WeziT i agree with it been convenient but look at it this way. The app requires internet to be used and used its just a code and a pin you can use on any mobile device and send money, pay bill etc. For me I think its more of a




All in all its a great move I guess


hello, i just downloaded it now and tried it, it is pretty smooth actually and the interface looks good. Cheers