Zambia ....NIche Market for Financial Inclusion


I see Zoona / Xapit ,FNB & Telecomm Providers to be Zazu’s major competitors in Zambia disregarding the merger between UBA & Mfinance on a prepaid debit card which has failed to take flight for a couple of years now.

Here are some glitches on some of the fintech firms spearheading financial inclusion in Zambia.

  1. No True Mobility (Freedom) - Say I receive funds via Zoona,FNB E-Wallet, Shoprite ,SpeedPay,Airtel,MTN,Money,MTN Money from a friend ,I still have to go to their respective outlets/ATM machines for FNB to access my funds.
    If a (Zazu) prepaid debit card system is introduced to the Zambian market with the write penetration strategies it would surely guarantee imminent stabilization of the entity after the testing phase early next year.

  2. The levels of acquiescence and tradition imbedded in the Zambia Culture have to be fully utilized, if properly executed it will be a win for Zazu. I for one would love to receive funds and have the freedom to access my money at my own convenience, be it Visa accredited ATM ,or using speed pads ( VeriFones) - we (Zambians) are gradually automating to digital money and a huge chunk dissatisfied customers by long queues in most popular banks are looking for alternative solutions which Zazu could provide.

  3. Banking ( Cash deposits) I see on your website you will use vouchers via accredited distributors; this is a platform that will seal financial inclusion in Zambia - imagine the vendors who sale talk time vouchers distributing voucher cards which if loaded via USSD, gives an instant fund load on the Zazu prepaid debit card.No Bank or Fintech firm is offering such in Zambia.

With some of the ideas I have shared on the community platform like cryptocurrency vault and Premium Card which enables customers to have sub cards. Why Cryptocurrency ? Because the Greats of this world handle the immediate needs ( Digital Banking) but still make sure they secure the future ( Cryptocurrency)…which is actually inevitable!

4.Bulk Payments by Merchants - creating a payment platform for merchants to receive and make payments is another area which needs to be enhanced .

5.Forex transactions for merchants /Individuals - imagine having a forex platform on Zazu App which enables clients to convert currency for travel purposes/international payment purposes coupled with Automated teller machines that can disburse’ 'FIAT MONEY ‘’ at any time of the day. Not knowing if this is plausible knowing Zazu is an all digital Bank ( consider the culture of tradition and acquiescence in Zambia).

Subliminal Advertisement and Behavioural economics needs to be taken in to account.
I’m particularly excited with Zazu- financial mobility and convenience is lacking in Zambia.

Zoona alone has had a total of a Billion Dollars as an aggregate figure on transactions processed through its system from 20009 till last year 2016 with glitches which Zazu could fix to account for customers who embrace technology and a digitally automated financial system.


Well said , we really need more innovative banking Systems in zambia,