Unbanked communities


Most of the unbanked communities in Zambia are located in the rural areas where they don’t have access to neither smartphones nor the Internet. How does Zazu plan on reaching out to them? What strategies are you going to employee to ensure that those people are not left out?


Hi @MissB, we are going to be making the service and product available via USSD and SMS.

In our plans, is to work with partners so that we can teach and increase financial literacy across Zambia’s rural areas. So if you think about someone who has never had a bank account, its too much to expect them to understand the implications of owning one straight away. We want to educate people about core financial concepts such as defining what a bank does, how to consume financial services and how to sustainably lend or borrow. We will be doing this via widely accessible channels i.e. USSD and SMS, so the idea is that anyone can learn from their phone and when they are ready, they can access financial services from us or any other person.

This is of course a large task and we don’t want to do it alone, hence engaging partners early on. But to summarise, we have a roadmap on how the unbanked & those currently not connected to the internet can learn about Zazu and increase financial literacy.


Great and had this exact same question but its been answered.


Great. I’m sure the future is bright. While you are at it early on, it would be good to also just develop a mechanism where the SMSs would be presented in our local languages as you know English is the Queen’s language.