Introduction Time


Sorry been AWOL . DFS practitioner , digital financial services . My may role and goal is to move the consumer from conventional financial services to digital services . In a nutshell all those manual transactions to be digitised . This is both internal and external stakeholders. Making financial services more affordable, convient and impactful


Hi Everyone, my names are Malama Chileshe and I’m a Sales Consultant for a certain financial institution. I am here , well I’m here for a lot of reasons :smile: , one of them is mainly to be part of the community early and be with Zazu from the very beginning. I am also here because our customer care in Zambia is a bit outdated and so far Zazu from my experience Zazu seems to be hip and modern, which is a very good thing. Hopefully, I too can join the likes of Chola and work for Zazu one day.


sales consultant for a certain financial institution…

There are a few people in this community from other financial institutions, so you will fit right in! :wave:


Happy to have you here, Malama. And from one person that has seen the inside of a corporate financial institution with outdated processes, to another - Welcome!

I’d be interested to know your experiences in this regard? Is there anything specific that you thought a modern tech-led platform should just “get right”?


@perseus Great :smile:


@adam I think it’s mostly good customer service. Good customer service is very important.


That’s a nice experience I can actually relate to Chola…banks are convenient for saving money yes, but they haven’t availed themselves enough or made their processes more straight forward and less daunting. From the looks of things ZAZU will surely make this easier.


Hello everybody…My name is Chimfwembe Ingrid Singine. I’m a 21yr old full-time job hunter, lol :see_no_evil:. I first learnt of ZAZU on a job advertisements site. Since then I’ve read about it and tried to learn as much as I can about it 'cause I’ve been curious and obsessed with ZAZU and it’s fintech advocacy. Being a victim of ancient banking systems has been enough reason for me to join this modern &,cooler community and be a part of your digital banking movement…i hope to learn more about digital banking through this platform as well as make friends :blush:
*P.S I’m new to this site so I really hope I’m on the right page/topic, otherwise forgive me and ignore my error :see_no_evil:


@CIS96, welcome to the Zazu community, we are very pleased you are here. And excellent use of the emojis :point_up:


Hello everyone. My name is Reuben, a tech head at heart and a seasoned sales professional. I’ve had the privilege of working in both the financial sector and I.T/Telecoms industry. I’m really excited about Zazu. I think Zambia is going to love this product. They are not ready!!


Hai @Reuben , good to know you


Hey Reuben…welcome to the Zazu community. Lol I’m sure Digibot already welcomed you but still.


Oops, I meant *Discobot


Hi Reuben!

Welcome to the community - we look forward to your input!


Hey everyone…I’m Chimfwembe and I’ve recently joined the ranks of the ZAZU team as your new Community Associate. What does this mean for us as a community?..It means I’m here to serve you and be the bridge between you and ZAZU. I’m therefore here to answer all your queries with regards to ZAZU, its operations, financial literacy as well as any other general topics and ideas you may feel are relevant to the community.
As part of the community, you will see that ZAZU operates not as a faceless company aiming to sell, but as a customer-centric brand that allows its current and prospective customers to see the operations from an insider’s point of view; taking them along on its journey towards better digital banking and better understanding of financial literacy.
Please feel free to engage me as well as the rest of the community and let’s help each other grow and build the community to greater heights.


My name is Chileshe and I learnt about ZAZU last year when it was advertising for a role of Chief Financial Officer.I got interested in knowing more about the organisation and I must say iam here to learn more about ZAZU and it’s operations.Iam a Human Resource Specialist and I would like to find out if ZAZU has any opportunities in that field as i have noticed it is rapidly growing in terms of Human Resource.Iam currently not working and I would love to offer my services to ZAZU and contribute to its operations.


Hi @Chileshe. Welcome to the community! :tada:
This is Alessandra, co-founder and COO at Zazu. Really interesting to hear about your background, and yes, as we grow, we will definitely need some support in HR and other roles too.
As we are preparing to onboard new team members, feel free to send your CV and cover letter to And if you have more questions on ops, just let me know :blush:


thank you Alessandra for a warm welcome to the ZAZU community,i will definitely send through my CV and cover letter,sure I will definitely reach out to you :slight_smile:


Hello Chileshe, welcome to the community!!! :tada::hugs::dancer: We hope to get to know you better and help you know all it is you want to know about ZAZU…really nice of you to offer your services. I can see @alessandra covered that part already so yeah, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask questions whenever…we’ll be more than willing to answer them for you :smiley:


thank you Chimfwembe for welcoming me to the Zazu community :smile: