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Introduce yourself to the community! Give everyone a fun fact about yourself and tell us why you’re here.


Hi everyone. My name is Perseus and I am one of the co-founders and CEO at Zazu. When I moved to Lusaka, I would always get approached by people looking for work. After a few days, I hired Chola. When it came to paying her wages, I naturally assumed I would send it to her bank account but she wanted cash. Chola told me that she didn’t have a bank account because she is afraid to walk into a bank because they might laugh at her when she doesn’t know what to ask for. Even if she did, the nearest branch is too far from her house and her friends told her that banks are too expensive anyway. As a result, she carries all her cash on her at all times. If she borrows money, its from friends/family.

Since then, we have been obsessed with one question. How can we get more people to use financial services and actually enjoy it? With regards to financial services, we are building Africa’s most helpful brand and we want to offer transparent and affordable services across to everyone.


Hello! My name is Heather and I’ve been living and working in Zambia for the past 7 years. The banking system has always been a frustration for me here and I am looking for an easier way to make payments for bills and to friends or for things that I buy. Looking forward to what Zazu offers.


Hello everyone. My name is Adam and I too am one of the co-founders of Zazu, and the CTO. I am the name behind the technology here, so if you have any questions at all about how we are building a world-class financial services platform that people will enjoy using - please ask them!

I have worked in banking for a long time and have seen the way that many of the older banks operate. I eventually left the corporate banking world as I felt like the banks were more focused on making profits for the people at the top of the organisation, than actually helping people get the most out of banking. This is what excites me about Zazu.

This is huge, because by being a member of Zazu and participating in the community that you’re a part of right now, you have the opportunity to build the platform that you want, with you at it’s core.

I hope everyone enjoys participating in this community, and myself and the rest of the team are always here to listen to you.


Hi everyone. My name is Mukuka, I am totally fascinated by digital banking and how the banking landscape is being transformed. ZAZU captured my attention for this very reason. Customer experience in traditional banks is always a painpoint for me and I would like to explore the alternatives.


Hello, my name is Grace, I have lived most of my life in a shanty compound after relocating from a peri urban area. Having all the basics services a community can have, the only important service that was lacking were banking services because of a norm that is common which makes people think banks are only used by literate and people in formal employment. Currently I have been receiving facebook friend requests from people that I lived with in the community where I was raised which is a postive development that shows how people are able to utilise the internet more especially facebook which is accessed mostly on a smartphone, so When I heard and read about zazu I thought about people in the community where I was raised and how it can be of great assistance as time have changed. Am eager and open to learn more on how zazu can link different communities with the digital word with the power of a smartphone.


Hi @Algrace thank you for becoming part of our community and for sharing about your background. We want to create a financial services platform for ordinary people and we can’t wait to get your inputs and suggestions on how we can do that.


Hello everyone, my name is Prudence basically a Zambian in all angles of life. The Financial Sector has been frustrating somehow mostly in paying bills and sensitisation of the best products available and suitable for a particular individual. What excites me about Zazu is it will provide a competitive platform and this will enable or provoke others to improve on service delivery


Hi, my name is Kilewilo. Everyone calls me Kile. I am a financial inclusion advocate and a dfs practitioner . I believe services like zazu will transform our continent . I’m excited to be part of this community that will disrupt the established financial sector for the good of everyone .


Hello my names are Tiwonge Nyirenda. Am a sales agent for some bank. Am looking forward to what Zazu has to offer. I know it will change the banking experience for all of us


@Kilewilo (Kile), welcome to Zazu’s community. Question, what is actually a dfs practitioner? Keen to hear more about your work.


@WeziT, welcome to our page. Also, very interesting to hear you work for some bank.


Hello everyone, my name is Mpundu from Lusaka…the ease and convenience of a digital banking model is without a doubt an exciting opportunity to look forward to, the business sphere on digital platforms is ever increasing and a digital bank should be able to offer us a wider transaction market and more investment opportunities … this should serve as a good cause for a young man like me to look forward to what ZAZU has in store…fingers crossed here


@perseus thanks for the welcome. Hoping for great things


Hello , my name is Chimwemwe Zakeyo . I am based in Lusaka. Currently, I am an entrepreneur and business journalist, and time and time again I sit down and ask myself, why it’s a hustle to make payments online in zambia, e.g when one sets up an online store in Zambia, its difficult for customers to pay for products, it’s either the merchant has to deliver and you pay on delivery. Anyway I think the thing that’s holding us back in zambia when it come to Mobile Apps and e-commerce is digital payment systems and am opptimistic about Zazu, thank you


Hi Everyone, My name is Chibwe Maibwe, I have been in the structured trade & Commodity Finance Sector for over 7 years now. One of the many challenges I have faced in my career is when the organization I was working for a couple of years back was outsourced by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to take charge of maize buying Country wide, the exercise is:
The farmer brings his crop at a buying depot, records of his Identity and Banking details would be gotten and the farmer would get paid after a fortnight or so via Telegraphic Transfer (TT). I was Contract/Project Coordinator for this exercise making sure all data reaches the bank within two days, but without banking details Farmers would not get paid! This been a political inclined venture to some extent would sometimes lead farmers going to the print and digital media to complain on non-payment. Remember these are far away /remote places like Emusa in Lundazi (Eastern Province)where people have to travel about 150 Km to the nearest bank,Sedumbwe in Choma (Southern Province) 60 Km from nearest Bank. That was the challenge,alot of people don’t have bank accounts in the diaspora - Now imagine how ZAZU will revolutionize trade and payment systems for our local communities not just on the commodity trade platform, but the day to day overheads; rent,groceries,utilities all by having a less complicated and less stressful Banking system. The true freedom of Banking in the 21st century is inherent in mobility! However the levels of acquiescence in the Zambian set up is so profound, I assume this will be an App based service and not many of our colleagues in the diaspora have smart phones, let alone downloading Apps for financial transactions could be a bit far fetched to them for one reason or the other - consider a mobile USSD connection platform too ( killing two Birds with One stone). I’m so excited about this venture and how it will revolutionize Financial inclusion in Zambia.


Hi Adam,
One other feature you can offer or system modification since you are the Tech Guy.

Consider having a Premium ( Salary Based Debit Card) suitable for Married/family clients.
Say I have a wife and two kids who are in College and My salary is $5,000 Per month.

The Premium Card will enable me to have 2 to 3 other cards which I can Cluster.
As the Master Holder I can ‘‘Pre - divide’’ my Salary accordingly from the $5,000 without the hustle of sending to my wife and kids funds - say $2,000, $1,000,$1,000 respectively in the prepaid debit cards that will come along with my Premium Card - and when someone reaches the threshold I will receive a notification as the '‘master Holder’

Think about it, it could be an exciting product which can be accepted.



Sounds exciting!

That is technically feasible now, with the caveat that each family member would have to have their own account and the predetermination of funds to transfer to each account isn’t automated.

BUT… It’s a super idea and the more people you can get to back up the use case, the more gravitas the idea has on the roadmap!

Thanks, Chibwe!


Glad I can be a resource in order to this venture off the ground!

There are a lot of other niche products I can share which will Make ZAZU have an imminent market penetration.


Send me an email I outline all possible concepts for you.
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