How many channels of communication will zazu be using?


How does Zazu intend to send its message across communities besides this community web page and facebook portal?


Very good question @Algrace. We think the best way to reach out to people is by engaging with the communities. Going forward, this means having local Brand Ambassadors who introduce Zazu to their respective communities and Zazu customers referring the product to friends and family. Zazu is also planning to launch some initiatives to help everyone understanding more about money, savings, and financial planning. Finally, we are and always will be available to answer any question you might have - you can reach out to us here in the Community, on Facebook, through the website or via email!


Do you have local brand ambassadors already? And can I refer zazu to people from my community?


@Algrace we have not started recruiting brand ambassadors yet, but that is the plan. When we do, we will post under the Career section, on Facebook and on our website. In the meanwhile, feel free to introduce Zazu to friends, family and your local community!