Fintech Development


Interesting topic of course on ZAZU and launch Plans, the corporate relationship between Mfinance & NLS Banking Solutions is something to follow n order to monitor Fintech Trends in Zambia:


Hello, the article says Zazu wants to launch first with 1500 cards, how long will it take to issue more in the case that the 1500 are given out and they are some people left out?


Hi Chimwemwe,

The first 1500 will be given out to our waiting list, which you can join by requesting early access on our website over at

Those 1500 cards will be offered in small batches which will allow us to receive feedback and make sure we’re offering the best service we possibly can. As it will be a phased approach, we should be able to offer the next batch of cards more or less as soon as the 1500 have been claimed.


Great, I have actually signed up For the waiting list. thank you