Cryptocurrency Vault


IS ZAZU considering creating a virtual Vault for Cryptocurrencies? i.e Bitcoin just hit $9,000 and projected to go even higher by January as it will openly on the CSE ( Chicago stock Exchange) in January next year. Food for thought to management!!


Thanks for the post, Chibwe!

Bitcoin is getting a lot of press lately, it’s even exceeded the $10,000 mark since your post. But there is still a gap in knowledge in how people can actually use cryptocurrency in their day to day lives.

Cryptocurrencies have interesting use cases for our customers, but we would not be comfortable including it in the product from the very beginning - as right now, we don’t understand the wants and needs of our customers where cryptocurrency is concerned.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies into the Zazu ecosystem would be something that we will be asking the community and our customers about. If there is significant interest, and equally as important - a clear set of use cases for it, then we would definitely want to be able to fill that customer need.

I’d be interested to hear your (and everyone else’s) thoughts on where Cryptocurrencies could find a home in the Zazu ecosystems, and what you would like to use them for.


Thanks for your reply, Adam!

Fintech prophets have said Africa is just 5 years away from embracing an all out Digital banking ( Cashless system)

You can consider a virtual vault for cryptocurrencies, bitcoin in particular for the sake of ‘’ Store of value’’ with a small charge.
Only 21 million Bitcoins are available in the world, imagine after CSX starts trading in January what would happen to the value, obviously with some downturns, fluctuation of stock/currencies and commodities makes it inevitable for depositories and Repositories to generate income of course for offering services respectively ; in this case a ‘‘Bitcoin repository on the ZAZU Ecosystem’’ For the future obviously as we evolve with trade. Remember It was Barter, Paper Currency, Digital banking… what next? A Global cryptocurrency might take over, no USD$,Pound,Euro…I guess that’s where financial evolution is headed - Central bankers will fight it but it has reached a stage of inertia now.

As a consumer as cryptocurrency is gaining momentum, it becomes cheaper to trade as there is no need for a middle man/broker for payments.