Building Our Community


Hi everyone :wave:

We are intent on developing a new way for people to interact with their money. And building an engaged and informed community is a big component of that. So thank you very much for being here.

Since we started, focus groups and interviews have helped us understand what the bank of the future should look like, and more importantly, how it should help you. As a result, we wanted to continue engaging our community, so that you can understand what we are up to and can continue to shape what Zazu ends up becoming.

This community page, is one of the ways we want to transparently inform you of our plans and product rollout. We also want this community to be a vehicle for you to tell us what is really important to you, and how we can build the product around your needs. :tada:



Which parts of zambia will zazu be found?


The key success to any branchless :bank: is it’s ability to be interoperable .


@Algrace: Zazu’s headquarters are in Lusaka, but, as a digital product, people will be able to use it throughout Zambia :zambia: and even abroad.


Absolutely @Kilewilo, harder said than done though. Any contenders you have seen who are already doing this?


How does one get to deposit money since the banking will be digital


So will it have branches and booths like zoona or mtn money mobile?


Well the NFS is coming soon so that should be a catalyst. Governments deliberate policy to digitise payments has also created a conducive environment for institutions becoming interoperable . I have noticed that banks and fintechs are collaborating more


Hello good morning, my name is Chimwemwe zakeyo mwansa, am new, I wanted to know , when withdrawing money is it only through ATM’s or they will be merchants doted around Aswel ? Thank you


Is Zazu going to be dealing with cryptocurrency I.e bitcoin?


This is something that a few people have asked about. While it’s not on our immediate roadmap, if there is sufficient interest from our customers then it is something we will have a deep dive into, providing that it can drive benefits for our customers.


hai @adam , i was just thinking , is it goin to be possible to incorporate zazu in other app as a payment system , for example i build n app that works like amazon for instance and when someone pay for a product, money is transferred directly to the person selling and we as the app get our cut as well ?, when someone using scans a qr code on our site or in the physical stores a payment can be transferred to 2 parties,"the party that owns the product or service the customer is buying and our cut as the store owner ". (sorry for my jumbled up question ). cheers


Thanks for the question @Cmwansa!

First and foremost, Zazu is going to be a financial control centre, meaning that people can use it as they would use a bank - a prepaid debit card linked to a real-time app.

What you are asking about there would mean us acting as a payments processor. Like PayPal. Again, it’s something excites us and we definitely have an interest in providing a service like this, but there are a few regulatory hoops we have to jump through to get that status.


Thank you @adam. I now understand much clearer. Cheers.


Merry Christmas to everyone and happy new year. Cheers